Newbie from Orfordville, Wisconsin

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Dennis J. Aitken
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Newbie from Orfordville, Wisconsin

#1 Post by Dennis J. Aitken » Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:40 am

Top of the mornin' !
Last year I picked up a good deal on a "parts" pontoon. Right now it is in storage in someone's barn.
It has a 40 HP 4 stroke Honda with tilt. When I contacted the Honda Outboard they told me it was a 2000 engine. The cover has a 2006 decal on it.
Previous owner also never told me about the holes in the toons but I managed to get them welded.
I stripped the entire pontoon down to the floor, coated the top with a waterproof paint like product that was advised on a YouTube video and got rid of the rotted helm, repaired the vinyl seats.
I started making purchases over the winter for things I would need to put this craft back together and water ready. I purchased a Wise helm (Wise 8WD115-1009 Deluxe Series Pontoon Steering Console). Seeing that this is the first time I am learning a LOT. Next time I will just see if I could order the plastic frame only. I had to remove all of the vinyl so that I could start making holes for the gauges, radio, switches & so on. I also am changing the back into a service door. It makes it so easy to work on instead of being crammed into a tight hole. Right now I have the helm all cut out and I am working on the vinyl.
So... I know I will have questions and I am looking forward to your professional advice.

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