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#31 Post by rockhound » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:55 pm

so i had the chance to get her in the water again this week,

the new prop was a complete dud, hit the gas and she went absolutely nowhere (that's not an exaggeration) ...... All it would do is churn water.
So I just happened to bring the original prop with me,
Its been a while since i changed a prop in the water, but 20 minutes later we were done and ready to try again,

so the original 15/11 xc prop and lowering the ob down two notches seem to have solved my issues and she moves out pretty good, i still think there is some performance on the table, but she gets moving pretty hard, i think i could easily pop up a skier, the hole shot is greatly improved over the i/0,

shaving 300 lbs off the motor pod will do that i guess :biggrin2

i can trim her up while cruising she is hitting 24-25 mph @ 5200 rpms maxed out, and she will do 22-23 even pulling 2 kids on the big mable, trim her down and she seems to power pretty good through a turn without ventilating

overall i am pretty happy, but i am going to try one more prop change, when i went from the 14x11 back to the 15x11 the difference was night and day, the smaller prop would not even move the boat, 15x11 was really nice, i am hoping one more diameter change will also help, so a 16x11 is on order,

dropping the motor down two notches picked up 300 plus rpms with the same prop....

ill let you know what happens
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