Rebuilding a 16ft Crest II Plywood Questions

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Rebuilding a 16ft Crest II Plywood Questions

#1 Post by Biglurr54 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:27 am

I have a 1980’s Crest II 16ft pontoon that I am breathing new life into. I need some guidance on my floor replacement. The tubes are aluminum, but my cross members are galvanized steel. I plan on using ground contact pressure treated plywood for the flooring. I can do this as the cross members are galvanized and not aluminum. I will use seam tape on the butting ends on the bottom. I plan on bolting everything down with stainless steel and then leaving it out in the sun to dry for a week or two. Then I am considering treating the edges with 2 part epoxy to prevent water penetration and delamination. Then I will glue down woven vinyl flooring.
Does it make sense to seal the edges of the plywood? I also plan on sealing all the penetration in the wood. (securing bolts, seat bolts, any other hole created in the flooring). The current pt wood that’s on the floor now is solid but it is delaminating on the front and corners. It also flexes a lot under the boarding ladder. Im hoping the epoxy coated edge will hold things together better.

Also how long will the treated plywood need to dry in order to lay the vinyl down? Will a week in the sun be enough or will it need a lot longer time? I figured I could repaint the fencing during the drying time but I would like to get the boat in the water sooner rather than later.

Ill have to start a build thread with photos of the complete build to track the progress.

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