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New Flooring

#1 Post by UteSundeck » Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:45 am

I have a 2011 Playcraft. It lived in Havasu for 6 years and the carpet was pretty much baked off of it. I've stripped it down from the top and the bottom almost everything is off included all the aluminum sheeting underneath I'm still working on scraping the glue off. Best thing I've found to get the glue is a wire wheel on a grinder... I'm thinking to use infinity vinyl flooring or corinthian vinyl. I have samples of each, the corinthian is a lot thicker it has another layer to the product but doesn't seem like it would roll or be as easy to work with. Has anyone used each of these? how do they compare? Do either stay any cooler then the other?

Once I'm down to just wood I have a few nicks and dips where some of the sheeting came up with the glue, what should I use to fill these?
Also the screw holes that hold the rub rail on are all pretty wells tripped out, recommendations what to fill these holes with so it holds the screw wells when I put it back on?

I've spoke with some people at playcraft, all of the pontoons are leaking and they recommended I replace the plastic sealing washers that bolt the pontoons to the framework, after that I'll try to put a pound of air in and check for any other leaks in the welds.

Since I'm this far I'll replace the fuel fill line, I can see some stress cracks in that.

Also if you're familiar with Placyraft the tie cleats sit on a small aluminum block to set them up above the height of the rail framing. These are bolted through with a U-bolt and so only one of the bolts hits the aluminum angle, the other is just in the edge of the wood sheeting. I'm thinking to add a 1/8" aluminum plate underneath each of these about 10" x10" and secure that to the sheeting with countersunk bolts so that when I put the cleats back on the one arm that is just in sheeting will have something more structural. I've watched these bend and flex when tied up in rough water. Any other recommendations for a better way to mount these cleats?
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