3.0 xl prop choice

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3.0 xl prop choice

#1 Post by rockhound » Thu May 29, 2014 4:05 pm

i read a post that said there were lots of guys on here that had the 3.0 xl in their toon.

I trade the runabout for the 24' riviera this weekend. the pontoon needs a new prop. the existing prop is a little chunky.

I ran the prop selection tool on mercury's website this week, adjusting for 5800 ft in altitude the stated weight of the boat, load of fuel and our family on board.

Mercury is suggesting a 16X14 extra cup or a 16x13 extra cup, both 3 blade, would be a desirable prop for this rig.

i would appreciate those of you that have experience with this engine or setup to chime in before i pull the trigger on a new prop

should i pop for ss
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