Help! who has a Tracker 21' fishin barge with nv logs?

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Help! who has a Tracker 21' fishin barge with nv logs?

#1 Post by Blessed » Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:23 pm

I have a Tracker 21' fishin barge and I want to add the lifting strakes that were an option on I think the 2007 - 2009 models....

Need the info (measurements & specs) to duplicate them on our boat... Tracker will not add them to our boat or sell them to us.... any help would be appreciated

Would be great if Tracker would offer performance upgrades for their boats... I don't buy the "legal" "liability" excuses either.... if it's legal to build a performance pontoon boat then it would be legal for them to modify one and re-rate it... if it was legal to have it as an upgrade on the same boat back then, it should be now.

The boat will run mid 20's with me my wife and two small children + gear now.... with the 90 hp Opimax 2S... should run low to mid 30's with the strakes.... that would be perfect!

I had much rather have the aluminum strakes than the water glide...
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