Anti-Glare Products For Computer Screens?

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Anti-Glare Products For Computer Screens?

#1 Post by urbnsr » Tue May 10, 2016 5:31 am

Can anyone give me lead on any anti glare film, etc that allows a tablet or computer to be viewable at the helm in the sun? Not looking for a referee's instant replay viewing tunnel, but may have to resort to that.

I see many anti-glare film offers online, but when I see the film half-way on a screen, I don't see much difference. I imagine this has been discussed many times and that would indicate that there isn't a great product, but thought I would ask to be sure.

I recently came across a film on a retail store's windows that advertise their specials when viewed from outside of the store, but when you are inside the store, you can see outside. It is made up of many small holes and is black on the inside and a white background on the outside. I don't know why I think this may be something to investigate, but that may be my unconventional direction.


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