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Question about adding a third turn to my pontoon boat

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 3:19 pm
by Batchief41
I have a 24 foot pontoon boat and planning to add a 20 foot third toon to my boat. My existing toons are U shaped and 23 inches tall. The third toon is also U-shaped and 25 inches tall. Manitou pontoon boats have their new boat set up where the center tune is a few inches deeper then the outer toons. Seeing this I feel good about using the 25 inch toon on my boat. This set up I have read adds buoyancy, handling and little better speed.

My question is how much distance should I have between the front of the transom and the rear of the center toon? I heard some had issues with cavitation if the toon is placed to close to front of transom. Anything you could tell me or who I should speak with is much appreciated.