Pontoon enclosure - gaps around door

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Pontoon enclosure - gaps around door

#1 Post by mpilot » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:51 pm

I've run enclosures on other boats, and been on many friends' boats with enclosures, but I have a question about the new boat. The other pontoons I have been on primarily have the half enclosure that only encloses from the console back, but ours is a full enclosure. On our bow rider I used foam pipe wrap to seal the panel I added below the windshield for the enclosure I sewed and it sealed up nice and tight. On the new boat there are fairly good sized gaps between the doors on the sides and bottom, and I was wondering how you can seal them with a little less redneck injunuity than foam pipe wrap. On the hinge side I think thin foam will work as it is the smallest gap but not sure what to do on the other two sides. Maybe one of those draft guards on the bottom? Input will be helpful and appreciated.

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