"Instant" transducer mount. Flex Glue?

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"Instant" transducer mount. Flex Glue?

#1 Post by guy48065 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:06 pm

I just switched my TV provider so I've been exposed to some newer infomercials. There's one that's a squeeze tube of paste adhesive that makes an instant bond, even underwater.

My toon doesn't have brackets on the ends so last year I bought a transducer mounting base that comes with a slow-cure epoxy (my assumption) to glue it to the end of the toon. It looks too runny in the clear tube to fill the gap between my curved ends & the flat mount. The infomercial Flex Glue stuff looks ideal since it's thick, bonds instantly, and permanently... so they say.

Anyone ever try it?
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