Runabout capsized near Evansville IN in fast current while being towed

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Runabout capsized near Evansville IN in fast current while being towed

#1 Post by fiddlebick » Wed May 30, 2018 7:28 am

Memorial weekend a small trihull runabout capsized near Evansville on the Ohio river. The river was high and running hard last week. These fellows had run out of gas and were being towed by a jet ski when the boat dipped a bit and nosed into the oncoming current. Instantly the boat filled with water and ended up rolling over. All four boaters were rescued by the jet skiers thank God. I just wanted to start a conversation about safety on a river. Personally I would not boat on a river that is way up with strong current. Now I have never had to be towed, but my brother has much more experience with boats than I do, and he warns me that the tow boat must travel slowly. Hard current can develop strong undertows that would not be there when its moving slowly. Some other river advice....I never anchor in the middle of the river to swim. I am always amazed at how barges can slip up on you if your not watchful. In the event you do, always keep a razor sharp knife or boxcutter in your tool kit in case your anchor gets hung and you might have to cut it loose to avoid a barge...better yet just DONT anchor in the channel. Maybe there are some other good safety tips we can share early this season?
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