Another prop question

You know the drill..

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Re: Another prop question

#31 Post by Rick McC. » Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:06 pm

I have a 24’ toon rated for a 135, and I can trim the front of the toons up with a 2016 FS 60 Merc with Command Thrust lower unit.

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Re: Another prop question

#32 Post by bansil » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:16 am

Sorry for long delay, life and death and vacation got in the way.
After running from Florence on Wednesday, we and a couple other couples ended up in some cabins on our home lake.
1st off original data was knots not mph, I switched my plotter to mph for everyone else and we say 9-ish mph at
5500 rpm with old 3 blade prop, this morning me and my buddy fired boat up and backed into the ramp at marina we are using, borrowed a 2x4 and swapped prop to the 4 blade I got. 10 min later we fired up and pushed off

WOW at idle almost 3mph and smooth, we got gas and went out..
Brand new boat, 19 mph at 5200 rpms and cruising at 15/16mph at 4200 rpms, totally different creature

At 16 mph we can actually talk!

Love it, need to lower engine about 2 inches this winter when I rebuild transom

End result?

2 thumbs up

Sorry for crap screen shot....
2018-09-14 12.52.19.jpg
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