Voltage regulator not working

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Voltage regulator not working

#1 Post by onlybillhere » Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:12 am

so we go out last friday night for a moonlight cruise on the river. i look down at my voltage display and notice the voltage is at 12.4v to maybe 12.7v on one of the batteries and the other is just at 12.4v (i have one strictly for starting and one that is for the electronics separated by a voltage sensing relay). so i know either the stator is done for or the voltage regulator is done. Get it home without issues, get the motor manual and first start checking the stator to see if the resistance on the wires falls within the tolerances. I have not replaced the stator yet since I had the boat so I was kinda expecting it to the issue. well it's fine.
so I order a new voltage regulator and install it today and man oh man how much better the motor purrs. putting out 14.4ish volts and the motor is much smoother. All in all it costed me about $60 some odd dollars and a little time.

My buddy that has a i/o on his v hull boat was having charging issues too that night. his alternator went out....$365 later he's getting a new alternator....ouch.

I believe having the proper manual for your motor is very valuable cause it can save you some time diagnosing issues and plus just having what tolerances things should be is a huge help. this of course is if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. Otherwise it's good to have a shop you know and trust cause people can take you for a ride so quickly.
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