Sweetwater 2086cx

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Sweetwater 2086cx

#1 Post by LakeBoatingNH » Tue May 19, 2020 4:55 am

Hello All,

New here and started shopping for some basic boats. I live on a small lake, ~140 acres, and am looking for a 20' boat with probably a 90hp. I'd probably do some light towing with my small kids but mostly hanging out.

Sweetwater introduced the value line models 1886cx and the 2086cx this year and I saw the 20' at the New England Boat show. I thought it looked like a pretty decent boat for the price. Unfortunately its a new model and since boating season is just getting started, I don't see any reviews on it...it wasn't even in the catalog at the boat show.

Has anyone else seen the boat or purchased one that has any thoughts. I otherwise will probably be looking at the Bennington 20' slv.

I don't care to spend a ton of money on the boat since most amenities i'd want won't be far away on the lake.

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Re: Sweetwater 2086cx

#2 Post by steve1313 » Tue May 19, 2020 5:19 am

I haven't seen the new value line, but they've always had a value line (maybe called the SR line???). In any event, I've got a Sweetwater and have been very pleased. Sweetwater is part of the Godfrey Pontoon lineup, and Godfrey is part of the Polaris company that makes several boat brands (including Bennnington) and also motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's, etc. etc.
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Re: Sweetwater 2086cx

#3 Post by Steiner » Wed May 20, 2020 4:27 am

I sold a 2017 2086-C last year with 90hp Honda and Yacht Club trailer for $25k. It was basically new, only 60 hours on it. Was optioned with hydraulic steering, full range of motion captain's chair, full gauge pack, four speaker stereo, ski/tow bar, cover, big bimini top, seagrass flooring..... Was a fine boat, extremely fuel efficient and it would pull a tube or wakeboarder fine but you wouldn't kill anyone on it. It looks like essentially the same boat as the CX but probably just some basic option changes. I would say that 90hp is overkill for a 140 acre lake but since you want to pull someone you probably do want 90. Just be sure and check that you don't have any hp restrictions like we do here.

When I went by my dealer to quote a tritoon and ask about trade, he said the same package I was selling would probably run about $5k more out the door than what I had paid. This is just two years later. He also said to sell it privately and wouldn't even give a trade value to keep from hurting my feelings. Now, he said that on my boat he was cutting out the hydraulic steering, nice captains chair, etc just to keep the price point from breaking a certain "mental" line. I'm willing to bet that the CX line is Godfrey listening to dealers and offering a package that a dealer can put on his lot at a more friendly price point. I'm sure it's the same construction, vinyl quality, etc as the others just trimmed down on standard options.
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Re: Sweetwater 2086cx

#4 Post by LakeBoatingNH » Fri May 22, 2020 4:32 am

Steve and Steiner, thank you for the feedback.

From what I understand, the 2086cx is naturally based off the 2086c platform. I believe the pen is slightly smaller to save some money which gives more usable deck space...something I see as a benefit. The seats are slightly less plush and the console/gauge panel is more basic. They only put in a single pedestal, basic table. I'm not sure of other differences at this time but they severely limit your options on the boat, most of which I never would have paid for anyways.

My initial plan was a 60hp motor on an 18' boat but the rated capacity of the 18' boats are only 8+/-1 person and with little kids, it adds up fast....so I figured the 20' with the maxed out 90 not wanting to completely feel bogged if trying to do some water sports. I'd also like to bring it to other lakes here and there...something I say but will probably never bother to do. The lake does not have a hp limit, there are plenty of higher hp boats...I have an i/0 with a 4.3l v-6 right now. They restrict 1-2 person jet skis unfortunately though.

I might try and get out to look at some boats next friday, will see how it goes and if they have anything in stock that I am interested in. The 2086cx's seem to have been selling so there may be none for comparison on the lot.

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