Harris - new pontoons on order

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Re: Harris - new pontoons on order

#31 Post by Bamaman » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:44 pm

I agree about going to the big city boat shows this time of the year. There is a visible difference between brands of pontoons. Anywhere you get competitive salesmen under the same roofs, the prices have to drop somewhat.

The reason I say go with a slightly larger than 20' boat is the ride. And some of the 20' boats have smaller tubes (than 25") for toons. The slightly extra length costs very little more, and they're not appreciably heavier.

When I get out in the white caps, I don't worry about my boat. I trim it up to 3/4 on my trim gauge and get the nosecones out of the water. At 3000 rpm's, my boat suddenly lifts up and I'm riding above most waves--like it's on a air pillow. I don't know that you'd get the same feel on the 20' boat. I would think that a 20' boat might have a tendency to bob around more.
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Re: Harris - new pontoons on order

#32 Post by Ddancers » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:34 am

As it turned out after 2 years of cavitation issue because the 115 setup, and lower weight I ended up with a 150HP.
The dealer just couldn't correct problem with the mounted 115hp and offered full credit if I upgraded to 150hp.
They were able to use a cupped prop with the 150hp and the problem is gone, get better speed better ride.
Only negative sometimes hard to troll at lower speed on calm days.
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