My Veranda review

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My Veranda review

#1 Post by photonfanatic » Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:49 pm

All in all I'd say my 2014 Veranda F4 has been a pretty good boat. Can't complain about any of the metal work. All seems like real solid stuff. But there are areas where they could have done much better. Well to be frank in these areas, they failed miserably. The console and front storage. The finish on those 3 items, simply disintegrated. And this is after not even being in direct sun for very long. The boat has had a cover for its whole life. Yet I've had to repaint the console top, and both of the front storages near the front gate. I had to pull all of that off, and sand it, and respray it. They told me the warranty wouldn't cover it.

And on the one thing that the warranty would cover, their customer service was quite poor. I talked to James at their HQ in Arkansas, and he never really expressed any real desire to help me. He was more than willing to talk about helping me, but that mainly revolved around when I could drag the boat all the way from TX to Arkansas for them to fix the fence. Ended up just doing it myself. What he should have done, was just paid a local autobody shop to do it, since it was a paint issue. So I'd say Veranda has a problem with skimping out on their coatings. Nothing has broken, but way too many things have peeled. Those front storages also warped from the Texas heat. Again, very little direct sun.

After this, I simply won't be buying another one. I don't want to have to fix the most basic things that should be taken care of from the factory, like paints and coatings that won't last more than about a year. That is when it started happening, about a year into ownership of the new boat. I've fixed it all now (except for the warping) but I shouldn't have had to. Next time I'll be going with the boats known for top quality/durability.

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Re: My Veranda review

#2 Post by captain28570 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:22 pm

I posted this a while back. Not very good CS at all.

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