Regency Bennington or Harris?

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Regency Bennington or Harris?

#1 Post by ebackscheider » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:30 am

Hi Everyone, My wife and I are looking at Tritoons. 22-23 feet with 250 HP or more. The Regency drives a good price, but I'm worried about the long term. The Bennington (23RCL) is a BEAUTIFUL boat, but it's about $23K more than the Regency. Anyone with a Regency 220 le3 or 254 le3 for a few years want to weigh in on how it has held up? I've read all the posts I can find. I know the prop may not be right from the factory, but nothing other than "Look at my shiny new boat". Tracker had a bad rep for a long time, but has that changed? Also most are with a Merc Verado, any reason to avoid this? Is the Yamaha a lot better?

Our goal is a nice boat that we will tube and wakeboard with for many many years to come. It will be in a covered slip on a lift almost year round.

Thanks All!

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Re: Regency Bennington or Harris?

#2 Post by captain28570 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:34 pm

Most 22 to 23 footers will do well with a 150. Run close to 40 and cruise mid 20's to 30 mph easily.

To me a 250 is more useful on boats bigger than 23 foot.

Most people buying 22 or 23 footers aren't rigging a 250 on them. Because you can put a 250 on a 25 footer for a little more money.

So when you resale IMO you will have a harder time getting your money back out of a 22 or 23 footer with a 250.

My boat is 22 foot and runs over 40 with a 150. I can cruise mid 20's with most any loads.

Guy on here has a Benn 25 with a 150. Does close to 40.

I thought Regency was the BPS top of the line model. The pricing I saw on them was as much as high end boats.

Noway the Benn should be that much more than the Regency.
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Re: Regency Bennington or Harris?

#3 Post by gmdfst » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:02 am

I own a Regency 220Dl3 bought new in 2015 0 issues and great warranty
The boat is 25'4'" plus motor this is a very heavy boat well built solid boat I have the Verado 200 ho
Max speed 43 GPS with 2 adults (and a dog)
With 6 adults you'll drop to 37 mph I think the 250 hp option would be a better fit
When I was shopping this was the best value with all the options and about $20K less than the Bennington. I got and end of season price Boat Motor Trailer full cover $44500
Good luck with your new boat
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Re: Regency Bennington or Harris?

#4 Post by ron nh » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:36 pm

For 23k difference I would buy the Regency in a second. Which series is the Bennington? S,G, R?
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