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Idea for graph transducer and livewell pump mount

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2023 7:39 am
by Midwestangler
I’m in the middle of redoing a 1981 crest the logs are about 20’ and the deck is 16. Looking for ideas on how to mount a graph transducer and livewell pump. This old boat doesn’t have any brackets welded on the there rear of the tubes. I’m very weary of having brackets welded on these old tubes they seem to be a thinner gauge compared to todays tubes maybe I’m wrong idk. The current idea I have is taking some maybe 1” square aluminum tubing and creating a mount that I put on a swivel off the railing so I can turn it up when under way at higher than trolling speeds. Would like to hear how anyone else has dealt with this as I would definitely like more of a set it and forget set up with out welding into these tubes.

Here’s a few pics. started a couple weeks ago when I have spare time and can sneak out of the house. Wife and kids want the boat but are hesitant of the commitment to complete projects.