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Looking for a copy of American Boat and Yacht Council Standard H41

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 1:19 pm
by Joseph Elliott
Does anyone have a copy of American Boat and Yacht Council Standard H41, Reboarding Means, Ladders, Handholds, Rails, and Lifelines that they could either send me or reference for me?

I am trying to figure out the minimum rail regulations for my pontoon. I have side rails stretching about 3/4 of the length and have started building rails for the front and last little bit of the sides. Long story short I took it out on the water yesterday to fiddle with the motor and I really like not having a front rail - its a very nice fishing platform. I thought I had read somewhere that the front can be open but any seats that are occupied need to be behind a rail. I tried the gov of Canada regulations website but they just refer me to above and I am hoping to avoid the $50USD fee to view that document.

Edit: Sorry, found out there is a 5 day free trial I can sign up for.